Around Dubrovnik

Meet Your Guide

A close friend and patron of D'vino - Ivan Vukovic Vuka, is a licensed tour guide and one of Dubrovnik's favourite personas when it comes to knowledgeable, fun tours of the city and beyond.

Featured by the likes of TIME and El Mundo, Vuka as we like to call him, has immersed himself in acquainting travellers of all ages with both the secret corners of Dubrovnik and famous GOT scene-stealing sets.

Enjoy a day with Vuka around town, and later pop by D'vino together for a glass or two.

FB : Ivan Vukovic Vuka

Instagram : dubrovnik_tourist_guide

Twitter : Dubrovnik city tours

cell : +38598328554

D'vino Summer Games

D'vino Summer Games is an anual charity event held and organized by D'vino Wine Bar. A simple idea of bringing good old fashioned people together for a good old fashioned cause, bound together by the idea of saluting the talent of citizens all around the world.

While raising money for a local charity (Island o f Korcula's League against cancer), we hav e a jolly good time playing fun, wholesome games such as thumb wrestling, rock paper scissors, and some, well, not so wholesome games such as Play Doo.

Join us throughout July and August and test your strength, agility and funny bone against good, wine-loving citizens of the world.