At D'vino

Tastings FAQ

How does a tasting work?

Our everyday wine tastings are a comprehensive intro into the world of Croatian wines!

During our wine tastings, our knowledgeable staff guides you through an introduction to each wine after every flight, providing insights into its flavors and origins. After the tasting, you can continue your journey through Croatian wines by telling us which one you’d like the best and taking the next step up from there.

What's included in the tasting?

Our tasting flights include three preselected wines which combined are equal to the amount of one glass of wine. Just choose a flight and start tasting! Additionally, our set tastings offer a selection of six or nine different wines to taste.

How many wines can we taste?

Everyday tasting includes three different wines, while set tastings offer a selection of six or nine different wines. As for how many wines you can taste…as much as you want our dear friends. Who are we to stop you, you’re on a vacation! ;)

How much does a tasting cost?


Our tasting flight prices range from 15 to 25 euros per tasting, depending on the selection. The idea is to have one tasting per person and then go from there, but you can also taste all of them if that’s what you’d like to do.

How do I choose the wine?


Simply start by sharing your usual choice with us or ask us for a favorite if you're open to exploring. Here at D'vino, we'll transform your preference into our unique Croatian selection. While we offer plenty of classics locally grown, such as Cabernet, Shiraz, and Chardonnay, we encourage you to try indigenous sorts and embrace the local flair... When in Rome, as they say!

Is it wine o'clock?

Book a D'vino Tasting

To make sure you get a spot on your preferred day and time, we highly recommend reserving your table ahead of time. We can’t promise same-day reservations. However, in case you’d like to visit us today, give us a call on landline: +385 (0)20 321 130 and check our availability!